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All cleanses require 24 hour pre order

NW Raw juice Cleanse

What should I know

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step to this amazing journey. Now let us help you discover how NW Raw juice can promote healthy eating habits and lifestyle.

Let’s get started, take a look at your current diet and prepare your body to help fight negative symptoms from your cleanse.

Bring your body down to a more alkaline state

To do this we need cut out or significantly reduce the following acid forming foods:

* Alcohol
* Dairy
* Refined sugar
* Animal Products
* Caffeine
* Processed foods


You are committed and doing great. During your cleanse continue to drink your four – five 16oz bottles of Raw juice throughout your day (depending on how many days you chose)

How your body reacts to this cleanse is dependent on several factors. If you are not feeling well you may have fallen victim to the common symptoms. Don’t worry! This is normal, depending on the amount of toxins in your body, your body will continue to flush out all junk. Water will help tremendously with this process! We want you to be successful, so listen to your body. If you are an athlete or someone who has an active lifestyle you are more than welcome to supplement with other juices. Be sure to ask one of our Juice experts for recommendations.


Listed below are some answers to questions that may help you along the way!

Can I drink coffee?
If your caffeine withdrawals are adding additional symptoms we get it! Feel free to drink black coffee without anything added.

What about workouts?
We recommend avoiding vigorous workouts. However, if you feel like you have enough energy and it’s apart of your routine go for it!

Can I eat during my cleanse?
Although food is not allowed during the cleanse, listen to your body. If you need an exception can be made with raw foods only. Check out our signature Vegan salads if you are wanting to supplement with one at night.


You did it! It’s amazing what we can do when we put our mind to it. Now that your finished with your cleanse make sure to ease in to your normal diet slowly.

What to Avoid

Try to avoid processed foods and alcohol for the next week. We really want you to experience the benefits with doing our cleanse. Although you might want to dig into a pint of ice cream or steak, those foods aren’t going anywhere. Take your time!

Things to remember

If you are doing this cleanse to re-set your body and figure out what you might not be agreeing with, pay attention! Slowly transition foods back one at a time to decide how you feel and if you want to continue to implement those items in your diet.


Regular detoxifications is a great way to maintain your health. The more you cleanse, the deeper it taps and addresses the different areas of the body. One to two day cleanses are recommended monthly. Check out our membership options!